Great start to our week in tech stocks.

This week starting off in a good direction for our bank and tech stocks.
JPMorgan has decided to buy Renovite, a payments startup, in order to defend against threats from Stripe and Block, among other fintechs, according to the latest news. Even though JPMorgan is usually content to collaborate with fintechs and invest relatively little in them, the bank felt that Renovite’s product was too crucial to give up, according to a JPMorgan official. JPMorgan has acquired at least five fintech businesses in the last few months, including this one. If you would like to lead your own trading room chat room, check us out. Altna software was created to give you a private chat room to discuss and show your trades. With features such live video, live chat and more. Discussions such as this move by JPMorgan can be talked about, and their chart shown all in real time. For more information ask for a free demo today.


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