Financial Trading Room

Teach and Trade in your own private chat room

With a stock trading chat room, your business can start building a brand, as well as generating revenue from your members. Give access to members based on membership level for trades, alerts or live chat.

Modules and Channels

Keep your customers organized with modules for Video, Trade Alerts, Daily Research and Commentary, Text Chatting area, Open Trades, Members files and more!

Live Streaming Video

Streaming your screen, web cam, stock chart or a funny clip. Our video platform uses industry standards to bring your content to your users in realtime!

Build a community

Stop using webinar software to build a community, our custom


Wow what can we say? We have more alerts on our platform than you are going to need. Alerts for Chat, Alerts for Email, Alerts for iOS , Alerts for Android...

Open Trades

We found that over 50% of the time publishers were answering questions about their trades. The open trades module gives users the ability to find, track and watch trades they like.

Broadcast your alerts!

Send realtime alerts from chat to your chat room, custom mobile app, and all of your users via email!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the platform can send out trade signals: 

  • To the Room via audible sounds
  • To your email list 
  • To your mobile app
  • txt message

The video streaming module can be used for sharing your screen, web camera, live portfolio or watchlist.

Sure, you can add ideas to the platform by creating a category for “ideas”.

Depends on what they choose to set up, if they want alerts based on a category or trade idea yes they would.

We are working hard on implementing connections to the major brokers. 

We do offer a free demo to test out the software. 

Please contact us here to schedule a free demo

It is time to get started

Your research is perfect, why isn’t your delivery platform? Start using a platform that was built from the ground up by traders, for traders.